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  1. Witty Cities™ has Manjunk !

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    June 18, 2013 by lunchboxcity


    Witty Cities is the latest side project we’ve been cooking up here at Lunchbox Communications. Our creative team is taking friendly jabs at communities with historically funny names and current city names that deserve a bit of poking.

    Manayunk, PA, the home of Lunchbox Communications, is the first city we decided to have some fun with.

    Manjunk, which literally translates to “place to drink,” is the term the Lenape tribe adopted for the Schuylkill River long before Columbus arrived. In 1824 the citizens of Manjunk, PA, changed the spelling to Manayunk so that it would be more easily remembered… and perhaps less suggestive.

    Witty Cities™ is proud to bring back the original charm of Manjunk to Manayunk. T-shirts are currently available at the Little Apple Store on Main Street. T-shirts, Koozies and postcards will be available at the Manayunk Arts Festival June 22nd-23rd!

    Have a great idea for a city that could use some remixing? We are taking suggestions!

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