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  1. Lunchbox’s creative app picks!

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    June 11, 2013 by lunchboxcity

    At Lunchbox, we are always testing out new apps for designers in the office to get our creative juices going. Instagram and Vine are among the most notable, but with almost a million apps out there it’s hard to keep track. So which ones are best filed under “creative”? Our staff has compiled a list of apps which are artistic, imaginative and just plain fun.


    Brushes 3
    By Taptrix, Inc.
    It’s a simple paint app which lets you doodle right on your smart phone or tablet- but with a 2.99 update fee you can add in other layers much like in Photoshop and have more control over your images.


    TypeDrawing V3.0
    By Hansol Huh
    What a unique drawing app! It utilizes different typography to create an image. Just type a phrase or word, pick a typeface like Helvetica or Courier and start sketching!


    By Debacle Software

    Does your image not capture the scene just how you pictured it? Panoramic cameras can be pricey but this app lets you compile up to sixteen images to create beautiful images. It also color corrects!


    By Viddy, Inc.

    Is like the Instagram of video. Similar to vine with the 30-second clip limit, but this one let’s you add cool filters in post and pre production! You can even add music!


    By Potluck

    It’s been said that a picture can say a thousand words. Well, maybe your images need a little bit more sprucing up. Over lets you add different typography to your images, in addition to a curated selection of images.

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