Cancer Be Glammed and Primp & Play: Two Real Business Stories to Rally Behind

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October 24, 2016 by lunchboxcity

We’re supporting two of our favorite small businesses in a technology-focused competition to show the world why they deserve your attention and vote.  

AT&T Business Circle has its 2016 Real Story Competition videos up for voting (until this Wednesday the 26th!and not one, but TWO Lunchbox-produced stories featuring a couple of our favorite small businesses made it into the mix! The competition calls for small business owners to show the world the creative ways in which technology helps them tackle their mission statements. 

Cancer Be Glammed

For Cancer Be Glammed (co-founded by survivor/entrepreneur Lisa Lurie), that means aggregating the difficult-to-manuever world of cancer recovery onto one fabulous platform designed to encourage women to stay strong and recover with dignity and style.

Watch their short video and take a moment to vote for them here:


“Cancer” and “glam” are two words rarely associated together. Cancer Be Glammed is determined to change that. We prepare women for the visible, body-altering side-effects of surgery and treatment, and empower them to recover with dignity, self-esteem, and personal style. Our multi-media platform is a single source solution, putting fashionable recovery products, lifestyle advice, and a supportive cancer community at a woman’s fingertips.

Primp & Play

Our second team-up is with Philly’s premiere #momtrepreneur, Tara Murphy, and her “Best Of Philly 2016” spa, Primp & Play. For this unique downtown haven, the real story involves the social media journey that helped a previously full-time working mom open the city’s first spa where quality time with children and the pampering of parents can peacefully coexist.

Help Tara pamper the world by watching her short video and VOTING here:


Born from the idea that quality time with children and the pampering of a parent can peacefully coexist, Primp & Play offers parents and kids alike a tranquil and relaxing kid-friendly space where guests of all ages can enjoy a variety of spa treatments together, or where parents can relax while their children enjoy an art class.  Without technology to streamline employee management, client booking and social outreach, Primp & Play could not exist or even consider its future of franchising.

Voting ends this Wednesday, October 26th!


Written by: Gabriella Bottoni


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