The Great Flip-Off

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June 3, 2016 by lunchboxcity


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Philadelphia Filmmaker Sparks Interest in Untold Story with Historical Roots in City of Brotherly Love

Lunchbox Preserves American Circus History in “The Great Flip-Off”

May 24th, 2016 — Philadelphia, PA — In a city that radiates American history, a story is born that preserves the evolution of equine entertainment. “The Great Flip-Off” chronicles the magic and daring of early Rosinback Riders, Bareback Riders, and current day Equine Extremists. But the art form itself is endangered, underscoring the importance of bringing its story to life now.  Project Greenlight Digital Studios and the Seed&Spark crowdfunding rally, with the public’s help, could make that a reality.

Philadelphia is the birthplace of the three-ring circus. From 1793 to 2006, the evolution of circus artistry included unique combinations of art and acrobatics, performers and their animal companions — perhaps most notably man and steed. These daredevils of the circus perform amazing, acrobatic stunts while atop galloping horses with a will of their own… two minds working as one.  Director Dafna Yachin of Lunchbox says her project began as a tribute to the art form for a TV Pilot, but quickly transformed into a work of necessity for preservation of entertainment history and an artistic heritage soon to be extinct.

This is the only in-progress, feature-length documentary to follow the extreme bareback riding families –– the Donnerts, the Loyals, the Suarez’, the Turveys, and the Zoppes –– as they unite from all corners of the country in their final feat: A death-defying performance that will bring the risk and beauty of the horse-and-rider relationship to a worldwide, multi-generational audience one last time.

“Considered circus royalty for centuries, these families migrated from all over the world,” explains Yachin, “but when Ringling Bros. announced the end of its three-ring Big Top to usher in a new era of fewer animals and arena-only performances, bareback performers became an endangered breed.

Yachin has now reignited the push to complete “The Great Flip-Off.” Being accepted to THE UNTOLD STORY documentary crowdfunding rally, hosted by Seed&Spark in collaboration with Project Greenlight Digital Studios, the chance to return to the riders abandoned by their circus has arrived.  With the help of at least 500 followers and $10,000 raised over the next 30 days, Yachin and her team of dedicated creatives could qualify for an additional $20,000 in finishing funds and distribution. “With this opportunity and our community’s support” Yachin says,  “we can finally show how these families have dealt with the passing of time –– from unusual happy endings to ultimate heartbreak.”

Step into the ring with the last of the great Rosinback Riders by joining the mission to preserve a soon-to-be unforgettable part of American culture.

A seasoned storyteller, Yachin’s documentaries focus on anthropologic preservation and social impact. Her feature length HD documentary “Digital Dharma: One Man’s Mission to Save a Culture” recounted the rescue, preservation and digitization of Tibetan Buddhist literary culture.  The film captured prizes internationally and qualified for Oscar consideration.

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Learn more about the film by clicking on the links below and follow the film on Seed and Spark no later than June 23th to make the Great Flip-Off a winner:


Crowdfunding Campaign:





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