Lunchbox Communications for Sprout Channel Cubby


October 20, 2014 by lunchboxcity

The Lunchbox Team recently finished a commercial for NBC Sprout’s new kid centric tablet The Sprout Channel Cubby. In addition to the commercials Lunchbox also created all the original photography that’s featured on The Sprout Channel Cubby Website
Check out the video for Rhe Sprout Channel Cubby below & make sure to visit Sprout’s website for additional information

Cubby Family Retouched_01Cubby Kitchen Retouched_01Cubby Outdoors Retouched_01


One thought on “Lunchbox Communications for Sprout Channel Cubby

  1. Katherine L Kuffner says:

    Purchase this for my granddaughter on Dec. 12, 2014 on, gave it to her on Jan. 1, 2015. Touch screen broke in April..
    180 day guarantee/warrantee. Receipt lost, knew date of purchase. Neither Walmart or Sprout Cubby gave accurate info when first called by my daughter, mother of my granddaughter. I called myself….after many phone calls, In June they told me to provide Walmart purchase ino.and I did…told me they would email me a new Cubby next week…never received it…..with a combo of many email conversations and spending over 5+ hours on the phone. Called Walmart HOME office, connected me to Sprout/Cubby people…talked to a supervisor, told me she would be getting back to me the next day. Never heard from her, after 2 weeks, email again after two weeks…no response from supervisor…I have condensed this message in order to post it on line. I kept a record of my phone calls/emails. Everytime my granddaughter sees me she asks about her Cubby. I don’t know how to tell her Walmart and Sprout dont care about her. NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN….DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE…Ever

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