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  1. Summit ’14 Yachin’s “HotSpots” takes SYTYCP prize

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    January 29, 2014 by lunchboxcity

    SYTYCP-2014-16After winning development funding from H2 earlier this week at the Realscreen Summit, Lunchbox Communications’ Dafna Yachin has scored a second victory, with her prodco’s pitch for environmental series Hot Spots winning the Summit’s annual ‘So You Think You Can Pitch?’ competition.

    Lunchbox bested three other pitches to triumph during the perennially popular annual session on Tuesday (January 28), winning over a panel of judges comprising of Cori Abraham, senior VP of development and international for Oxygen; Lauren Gellert, senior VP of original production and development for WE tv; Matt Hanna, head of original programming for Esquire Network; and Debbie Myers, general manager and exec VP of Science Channel (pictured below, left to right)


    The victory marks the second consecutive year that Lunchbox has won the Summit’s pitch competition, having triumphed with a different project – boxing-focused docuseries The Stable – last year. This year’s pitch competition was hosted by Jack Osbourne, executive producer at Schweet Entertainment and host of Syfy’s Haunted Highway.

    Yachin’s pitch, for an environmental series called Hot Spots: The Race to Save the Planet, focused on areas of the world where animals were in danger, by way of two eco-warrior brothers. After presenting a sizzle clip showing the brothers in action, the prodco surprised by bringing one of the brothers out onstage – accompanied by a large, live snake (pictured above).

    Abraham was the first to praise the pitch, commending Yachin for “great tape,” and saying that the show was set in a “great space” with “high stakes.” She added that the fact that the brothers were “smart and cute definitely helps.” Nevertheless, she said she would like to see more of the family dynamic behind the scenes. Myers echoed the sentiment, telling the team: “You’re attractive and you’ve got a great personality – I’d love to see more of that in the tape.”

    Gellert also praised the pitch, telling the team she “definitely can see this on the air,” but wanted to know more about how the prodco saw each episode of the show playing out. Hanna, meanwhile, jokingly pointed at the snake and asked: “Can you make that into a belt?”

    Philadelphia-based production company Lunchbox triumphed over a trio of strong projects. Sota Pop Productions’ high-energy pitch for Fansanity presented a humorous take on the Intervention formula by way of obsessive sports fans; while Daydream Reels’ The Misfit Economy examined innovators who operate outside the law, and is based upon Kyra Maya Phillips and Alexa Clay’s forthcoming Simon & Schuster book of the same name.

    Meanwhile, Hatch Entertainment’s Psychic Surprise promised to reveal a new take on the psychic space, which has been popularized by shows such as TLC’s Long Island Medium and A&E’s Psychic Tia.

    Yachin’s win came after she was named as one of five recipients of funding (for a different project) for the Realscreen Summit’s inaugural H2 Development Lab on Monday.

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  2. Summit ’14: H2 Development Lab winners named

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    January 28, 2014 by lunchboxcity

    Winners of the inaugural H2 Development Lab at the Realscreen Summit were announced at the final session of the Summit’s first full day of content.

    The session, moderated by realscreen editor Barry Walsh, saw H2 programming head Paul Cabana, and VP of programming and development Mike Stiller, discuss their reasons for choosing the projects.

    Meanwhile, Maria Awes, VP at Committee Films, and Stephen David, president of Stephen David Entertainment, discussed how their projects for the network – the series America Unearthed and the special The Men Who Built America respectively – developed from the original pitches to the final program.

    The winners of the H2 Development Lab, receiving up to US$20,000 each in development money, are:

    Dafna Yachin, Lunchbox Communications
    Jonathan Santos, Three Pearls Productions
    Ken Musen, C.2K Entertainment
    Tom Leach, Media RED Productions
    Peter Marks, Peter Marks Productions

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  3. Realscreen names “So You Think You Can Pitch” finalists

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    January 28, 2014 by lunchboxcity

    Four projects have been chosen as finalists to face off against each other at the upcoming “So You Think You Can Pitch?” competition at the 2014 Realscreen Summit, taking place on January 28 and presented in association with Vanacore Music.

    Producers of the final four will present the projects in pitches before a panel of industry judges, including Cori Abraham, SVP, development and international for Oxygen; Lauren Gellert, SVP, original production and development for WE tv; Matt Hanna, head of original programming for Esquire Network; and Debbie Myers, GM and EVP, Science Channel. The pitch competition will be hosted by Jack Osbourne, executive producer at Schweet Entertainment and television host (Syfy’s Haunted Highway).

    The four projects chosen to compete were selected in an initial round of judging by members of the production team behind the Realscreen Summit in which scores of submissions were viewed. Prizes for the winning pitch will include a pass to the 2015 Realscreen Summit, and from Vanacore Music, a Grand Prize package of custom music and scoring for the winner’s show, including scoring for a sizzle reel and pilot, music supervision, 10 custom tracks and full access to Vanacore’s music library.

    The four projects are:

    Psychic Surprise from Hatch Entertainment (Sydney, AUS)

    Fansanity from Sota Pop Productions (Eden Prairie, MN)

    Hot Spots: The Race to Save the Planet from Lunchbox Communications (Philadelphia, PA)

    The Misfit Economy from Daydream Reels (Arlington, VA)

    Good luck to all of the finalists.

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