Would you wear an Apple watch? Is Apple running out of ideas?


March 20, 2013 by lunchboxcity

Apple and Samsung’s purported desire to create a “smart” watch to pair with their 130103100042-iwatch-apple-large-gallery-horizontalsmartphones seems to be an incredibly dumb idea. The two, usually wise, companies would be making a grave mistake entering the low-margin cellular accessory market, where the competition is fierce and the barriers to entry are incredibly low. Furthermore, the utility of such a device seems questionable, likely appealing to a limited subset of consumers of unfashionable geeks and pudgy weekend warriors.

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One thought on “Would you wear an Apple watch? Is Apple running out of ideas?

  1. Brenna Pae says:

    wow…a smart watch buy apple…apple keeps coming up with brilliant devices…thanks for the post

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